Times they are a changing…

The day after my last post, Matt got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I am sure he had a whole speech prepared, but I wouldn’t stop screaming “stop” and trying to get him on his feet.  I was so excited I couldn’t listen to him, or look at the ring in fear of throwing up or passing out.  We are looking forward to celebrating our marriage September 2016 with friends and family.

Two weeks ago today, Phyllis moved home.  It happened really fast, but I was as ready as I could be.  She is a ball of energy and aims to please.  She is already picking up skills very well at home and I am learning to be patient, pull out my “mom voice” and “mom stare”, and get into a new normal with her.  I think Matt and I enjoy organized chaos, so it has been fun.  Matt is a total animal person, usually animals gravitate towards him and I get jealous… so I am so happy she loves her mama more than her daddy, maybe it’s not love more, just listens more – either way, finally!!

She is so tuned into me, sometimes it freaks me out.  She is NOT trained to alert an attack – a skill that (while taught) can never be a guarantee, except with Diabetes trained dogs… but she has inadvertently provided specific comfort during two attacks.  Whether it is coincidence (which I don’t believe in), or she could smell difference in adrenaline or facial expressions, who knows?  I wish she could write my dissertation for me…

We passed our public access test so next week we will complete our home skills test and then graduation day at the end of October where we will officially “graduate” and become a true team… even though our bond is already very strong.

The relationship between Phyl and the cats is progressing.  Cirrus is a fierce defender of his mama so when I pay too much attention to Phyllis or too little attention to him, he will “bull rush” the dog, who goes running horrified, usually spilling water/scattering whatever is near by.  But I expected as much, so Matt and I are working on a cat “super highway”, shelves that begin in our living room and extend throughout the dining room so they can have a space off the floor they can “own”.  They are already enjoying it and we are only part way done with the overall project.

There are so many things to be grateful for right now.  I am trying to remain humble and take care of myself when an attack creeps up.

I have attached some photos of Phyl.  Enjoy.

20150825_153756 20150814_105232 20150815_081926

After we passed our public access test!!
After we passed our public access test!!



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