It’s been eons since I have updated everyone here.

It’s incredible how much and low little my life has changed in the past few months.  I think my surgery was a success!  With that being said, I still have symptoms.  I am on a three day bad streak currently – could be the weather, stress, who knows what.

We traveled to Indianapolis, IN for a week at the end of February for a school function for me.  Just last week we were back in Hobart, IN for Matt’s grandma’s funeral.  It was a lot of travel, but spending time with my family was awesome.  I got to meet some of Matt’s cousins and an uncle I had never met.  Fast Helen was loved by so many people.  She was buried in the most pimped out casket I have ever seen.  I have talked about Matt’s mom here before.  Once again, I was able to see and feel her strength and she said goodbye to someone she loved with every fiber of her being.

I have applied for an assistance dog!  It could be a long process, but a worthwhile one.

I have a court hearing for my disability case in July.  Whoo hoo.  It’s been a few years waiting for that too!

With the good comes the bad.  I am still experiencing symptoms – sometimes quite intense.  With both surgical ears, one a double surgical ear, it’s very hard for me to discern whether the dizziness is prompted by the right or the left.  The ringing and fullness is easier to detect.  It is very possible scar tissue is growing/has grown in the left ear and someday I may have to get that corrected.  That decision is one for a different day!

I am pushing on, tending to my emotional and physical garden.