Paying it Forward!!

Paying it forward always pays off.

In April I started a crowdfunding campaign for Can Do Canines through Indegogo.  I made your classic “note card” video where I didn’t say a word except for a background song and two and a half minutes of my life story.

The outpouring of donations was surprising.  Matt and his mom fought hard to be the first to donate (Matt won!).

The donations started to trickle in… suddenly there were names I didn’t know.  I am nosey by nature so I started to sniff around.  Matt’s dad’s boss and clients were donating… watching my video… feeling moved enough to help in my efforts to pay it forward.

Suddenly I had exceeded $2,000 with 19 contributions.  I was stunned.  I couldn’t wait to write out the check and present it to Can Do when I met my match.

When I got the email inviting me to meet Phyllis I wrote out the check and included a letter with the video URL so if anyone was curious they could look.

Little did I know I would soon have my photo taken, being hugged, and yesterday getting a call from the Executive Director, Alan Peters, inviting me to do a short presentation at the next board meeting.  Can Do is hoping to start a Pay it Forward program and want to use me as a jumping board for the program.

Not only was I honored, I was humbled.  It can take up to, or exceed $25,000 to raise ONE pup.  These aren’t just pet dogs, they are companions, they are best friends, they save our lives.  I was proud of my amount, but had the thought more than once, it’s not nearly enough… it’s not nearly enough to make a “difference”.  Was I ever wrong?

It taught me a valuable life lesson.  You never know what impact you are going to have.  You never know how paying it forward is going to pay off.

I would do anything for this organization.  Which is why Matt and I have already been involved in some events, are planning to participate in the mile walk called the Can Do Woofaroo in September and volunteering at the dog age at Ren Fest this year.  I am super pumped Elli and Nick are going to be joining us!!

The purpose of this post is to try to get this point across.  Paying it forward ALWAYS pays off.  A huge thank you to those who donated.

If you would like to support this organization, please check out my fundraising page for the Can Do Woofaroo at: and donate (or join our team and walk with us!!)… literally $1 goes a long way when it comes to this organization.  They survive on generous people to make these precious gifts happen.


One thought on “Paying it Forward!!

  1. I just finished reading your blog it was very interesting I didn’t realize you had raised over $2000. By the way I keep forgetting to tell you Phyllis is a beautiful fill and those dogs too well very very well as therapy dogs

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