Goodbye Jim

Jim Johnson.

The quite guy in my support group. Lived in Marine on St. Croix.

His wife passed away a decade ago so it has been him with a stray cat that found him.

I got the phone call this morning he passed away.

I felt so damn numb.

I wanted to cry – it’s like I was all dried up. I cried a lot last night with Matt. I read him my post about my grandma and it both got us. When I finished reading it he said, “she was hell of a woman” and it made me want to squeeze him.

Then I find out Jim died. This man was gentle. He worked with his hands. He was an avid cyclist. We shared a disease. We shared tears when he would talk about his wife and her death. He missed her so much. He loved his cat.

He built us a bench as our wedding gift. I absolutely loved it and now it’s a cherished piece of our families furniture.

Jim was family. When we were making our wedding guest list it wasn’t even a question.

I wanted this post to be inspiring in some way but I find myself distracted. I successfully unloaded the dishwasher and have laundry in.

I guess this is my goodbye.

Rest easy Jim. I know Laura came to get you. No more dizziness. No more tinnitus. No more pain. You’ll never be lonely again. I’ll try to make sure your cat is ok.

Your chair will be there at support group every month.

Finally, I am crying.



Pictured: (L to R) Jim Johnson, Renee Kaulfass, Mike Kaulfass, Rosie Hulse-Larson, Swede Larson

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