Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I wrote.  There has been so much going on in my life it is hard to keep up.  I am in a difficult course for school so that is eating up a lot of computer spoons – you know how it goes.

I threw a surprise birthday party for my mother’s 60th birthday.  It was exhausting, but turned out perfectly.  After the party was over and we were sitting around the fire, Elli and Nick announced they want to Matt and I to be Chevelle’s godparents.  I was so touched and overcome with emotion, it was really a sweet gesture and we of course, were honored to be the godparents to an angel.

On Monday I met my assistance dog, whose name is Phyllis.  She is a two year old black lab retriever.



There are several types of tasks Phyllis will be able to assist me with.  Most importantly, helping me up when I fall, retrieving items I drop, an emergency phone, a cane, and help with laundry.

With every amazing accomplishment comes the negativity and I think it’s important I share it, as many of us feel so alone in these situations.  I have had a few family members be shocked an organization would give “someone like me” an assistance dog.  It’s the catch 22, if I were in a wheelchair or missing a limb it would be obvious why I would need a service dog.  But I “look” normal, so they question my authenticity, my intentions… more on that in next post.

For now, I am celebrating this exciting time of my life.


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