To preface: anyone with Conservative eyes may want to avert them.

Tomorrow I embark on a journey… it’s the annual 5k walk/run put on my NARAL Minnesota.  I know NARAL – those evil people who enjoy killing fetuses.  The 5k is for Women’s Rights, which I take serious issue with because let’s face it – women’s rights are human right’s.  When it comes to reproductive rights, last time I checked my science books it takes both sperm and an egg to create a fetus.

In addition, and more importantly to me, is other issues such as equal pay, ending cultural discrimination, ending domestic and sexual violence against both women and men are why I walk.  I walk because I am a chronic, I am a woman, I face a hell of a lot of obstacles – as do many others.  In an imaginary world, let’s say I could work a 9-5 job Monday – Friday.  Do you really think someone is going to hire me with a disability over someone (man or woman) without a disability.  I hope you all are laughing as hard as I am.

I will be walking with Matt and his mom Jan.  I think this our fourth or fifth year walking.  Jan (my amazing granola/hippie might as well be mother in-law) and I are pretty even on how we feel about women’s (human) issues, particularly reproductive and economic issues.  Matt walked with me for the first time last year when Jan was in Indiana taking care of her mama.  I was proud of him for walking with me – not just because he was obligated since I was still pretty unsteady then, but because I know how he feels about these issues.  He was involved in this pretty cool program in grade school about how to be a good dad and taught about reproductive options.  Pretty freaking cool right?

Throughout our life experiences together with my medical issues he has always told me whatever I do with my body is my choice.  I can’t help but grin ear to ear when he says things like this because I know he means them.  He would never impose his will on me or make me do something or not do something to my body that wasn’t my choice.

He truly believes in equality.  He’ll still open the door for me when we go out, but I think it’s just because of my illness.  If I weren’t a chronic I would get a lot of doors in my face.  Some of you reading this may be turned off by this – but I am the opposite.  I love when he treats me like his equal.  I open doors for him too sometimes if I am feeling good.  When I am down he does the laundry.  I work in the yard.  It’s how our relationship works.

He walks with me in solidarity.  He walks with me and his mama because he doesn’t believe our bodies are meant for governments legislation.  That’s one of the zillion reasons why I love and respect him.  He would never admit to being a feminist because he hates labels – but I tell him he is all the time.

So tomorrow I hope to make the full 5k, with a raging sinus infection/cold/allergies going on right now, the dizziness has been ramped up the last few days.  But the beauty of doing this 5k is I have the CHOICE to only do 2.5k if I want to.  Cute isn’t it!


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