So, I applied for a service dog with an organization called Can Do Canines in New Hope, MN.  Does anyone else see the bizarre coincidence in their location?  I sure do.

Anywho… I applied for a dog that would primarily assist me with my mobility issues.  A wonderful trainer came out to the house to interview Matt and I.  She said to give it a couple weeks to find out if I was accepted or denied.

Thursday Matt got home from work and told me there was something in the mail for me.  I knew it was from Can Do.  I told him to open it, I couldn’t.  He gave me the eyes and I opened it.  I read: Dear Amanda, Congratulations!, hugged Matt, crying, jumping up and down.

So I have to try to wait patiently for my furry match and begin training.

I posted the song Fortunate by Atmosphere the other day… ironically right before I found out I was accepted.  This is one of those moments… I’m not lucky, I am fortunate.

Check out Can Do here:

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