Being Broke

I am of the generation that was told, “If you go to college you will get a good job.”

My version of the “American Dream” is bullshit folks.  Of course no one plans to have a chronic illness.  No one plans to be broke.

We all have to make choices.  We all want to put up the facade that all is well.

No one wants to be on welfare.  There are people in my family who have the opinion that everyone who is on welfare is lazy or taking advantage somehow.  Well, my dear family, I am the face of welfare.  Who knew I would have to get health insurance from the state?  Who knew I would need to ask for help?  Who knew NPO’s would treat you like a criminal when you beg for money?

Our pockets aren’t lined with cash but they are lined with clarity.  Our eyes are wide open to how things work.