Neurologist Visit

Saw Dr. So and So a few days ago. I have been having reoccurring headaches for the last few months. I had my first sinus infection and it has been since then that I have had them. I am noticing a correlation between the headache onset and a dizzy spell so I am trying to manage the headache before it causes the dizziness. I have had little success.

I saw Dr. So and So and he was pleasant and super excited to prescribe me four different medications to try. I am in no way putting down pharmacology to assist people who have migraines or any other ailment. It is a personal thing for me. I take enough pills on a daily basis and he warned me that some of them may exacerbate the dizziness. I would rather have a raging headache then my dizziness.

So now I am a crossroad. Do I risk taking the medication for vertigo? I was already in the E.R. one day this week and don’t want a round 2.

Any suggestions are welcome.


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