Vestibular Neurologist

Seeing a neurologist for the first time today. Nervous, yes?

I will try to gather some good info to share later.

Loving the rain today, nice steady pressure.


3 thoughts on “Vestibular Neurologist

  1. Neurologist….do you have migraines too? Rain is an enemy of mine…the building up before the rain is bad, the rain is still bad, but then when it’s over….ahhh…sweet relief. (sometimes)
    I saw a neurologist for years and got so-so relief for my migraines. Now I see one that specializes in headache and facial pain…what a difference. I still get migraines. But they aren’t as intense. And with Botox injections I’m getting fewer. Hope it continues to work, right now I’m working on a week long migraine….some relief with meds but as soon as they wear off, bam it’s back.

    or are they seeing if part of your dizziness/vertigo is neurological?

    Keep us posted. I hope it’s not a traumatic appointment.

    I love my neurologist. I’ve never had a scary visit at any of them I’ve seen.
    good luck my friend.

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