Refuse to be invisible…

Meniere’s Disease is one of the many invisible illnesses. I look like a typical 25 year old most of the time. When I am around strangers, walking around Target or the grocery store, I am ok with everyone thinking I am normal. It gets more difficult when you are around people you love and they say things like, “You look great” or “You just look like you are feeling better”. The PR thing to do is say “oh gee thanks, I feel fantastic” – basically to lie through your damn teeth. What you really want to say is, “Oh yes, falling in the shower this morning was the bright spot of the day, I am hiding the bruises on my knees under my pants, waking up this morning and literally falling off the floor was just grand, and questioning my very existence each and every moment of today has been a joy.” 

So I am proposing something – let’s STOP being invisible. Instead of just giving some pithy response to our loved ones, let’s take the opportunity to educate. We don’t have to be rude or condescending, just be HONEST.

Let’s bring Meniere’s Disease out of the shadows. Let’s wear it like a badge – make people understand it. Let’s stop lying to protect our loved ones. Does it really protect them? It just hurts us in the end when they don’t understand it. LET’S REFUSE TO BE INVISIBLE!