Matt is sick. He was admitted into the hospital and needed blood transfusions. 

This entry has two purposes:

1) I beg of anyone who has the ability to give to blood – to do so. I have watched the Red Cross commercials countless times and understand how important donation is. But until you watch someone you love need it and have access to it, and watch as the blood slowly moves into their bodies – literally giving them life, you don’t understand just how amazing the gift of blood is. So, please, please, please give blood if you are able!

2) As my fellow warriors will understand, we rely on the person we live with so much with our every day care. Helping with meals, helping with the bathroom, helping with groceries, meds, getting dressed. But when our care-giver is sick, it such a shock to the system. Suddenly, we have to complete tasks on our own that are trying, difficult sometimes. We watch our loved one suffer and don’t understand how to help. I am used to suffering, but not used to seeing him suffer. I would have taken his place in that hospital bed, I would have taken that pain from him if I could have. He is so much stronger, so much more brave, so much more beautiful. He is my super hero. These moments make us want to celebrate someone that much more. I am asking everyone to send good thoughts and happy ju-ju his way as he is hopefully released this afternoon. Help me celebrate someone who has given up so much and such a beautiful, incredible, amazing person. 

P.S. how ironic is it that his blood type is B Positive… it certainly is no coincidence. Serendipity came knocking. 

To whoever the person(s) who donated that B Positive blood. Thank you.