Take Back the Night 2013

I had the opportunity to help plan a Take Back the Night event with the organization I volunteer for. It is such a wonderful organization – Saint Croix Valley Sexual Assault Response Team Inc. It is really a celebration of the strongest men and women who walk among us, sexual assault victims and is a way to remind our communities that we are not going to tolerate sexual violence. Take Back the Night started decades ago when Jack the Ripper was terrorizing women in London and their were sanctions for women to stay inside after dark. It events migrated to the U.S. and now there are thousands held every year, typically during the month of April – Sexual Assault Awareness month!

We had a rad time, with a rally, march downtown, and a candle light vigil where so many brave souls stood up to share their story, most of them for the first time. It was such a beautiful experience again this year. I have attached some pics!DSCN1186DSCN1195 DSCN1201 DSCN1206 DSCN1212 DSCN1215

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