Grocery Store

I am happy to announce that I made a successful journey to the grocery store today! The car ride seriously sucked, but once I made it to the store I did alright – I even selected some items from the shelves! I couldn’t carry out any groceries with my weight restrictions and one hand using my cane for extra balance! But hey, I ventured out of the house and didn’t completely fall apart. I am tired from my excursion but wanted to add a few posts before the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Grocery Store

  1. Yay!!!! Dick’s or Econo? Every time I think of Dick’s, I remember our snow day adventure. Love you boo!!

  2. We went to Econo, which is now a fully remodeled Family Fresh! I LOVE going to the grocery store, so I was so excited to be able to go there again.

  3. Did you smack anyone with your cane? 🙂
    YAY for being able to go out and do things! I’m sorry that your recovery has been so rough, I hope you can continue to go out and do more things very soon. I love you bippi!

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