Well, here are a few photos from the last week. I have some from my hospital stay as well and will put those up soon and as soon as I am up to it, I will do a full update for everyone, although my dad did a wonderful job with his updates. I am sorry I haven’t updated sooner, but I am still feeling very, very rotten.


Almost immediately after I got home from the hospital with the pressure bandage. Man that thing was tight! Image

The next morning when we took the pressure bandage off we found 13 shiny staples and crevice where a mastoid bone once was!


Nimbus and mom taking a snooze!


Day 6 – the day I got home from my unexpected 3 day hospital stay – update to come! Incision is looking good!


Day 10 – staples out! Looking interesting!

As I mentioned before as soon as I am up to it, I will do a whole post on everything that happened after surgery and the hospital stay and everything! Some hospital photos soon to come!

Comments are Welcomed!

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