This blog is named Meniere’s Warrior for a reason. I consider myself a pretty humble individual, but when it comes to Meniere’s it takes a certain kind of person to deal with the daily struggles of what Meniere’s can be. I am a warrior when it comes to my Meniere’s. I feel like it is constantly trying to beat me down, and I am constantly trying to pick myself up. I wake up feeling like a prisoner in my own body. Sometimes I wish I could peel off my skin and it takes a warrior to come back from that in one piece. My family and friends say I am strong, what they do not know is that inside I am two completely different people – one is a little girl hiding under her bed, begging for what is happening to stop, the other is a warrior, willing to fight to the death for a typical life, willing to fight to the death for every opportunity that other twenty somethings have. I have my warrior days and I have my little girl days, and both are fighting for the win. My Meniere’s is my little monster living inside and we all have one in one degree or another. People fighting addiction, cancer probably have this same inner battle and are all fighting for a typical¬†existence. I urge everyone to never stop fighting that monster, reach deep inside to the innermost part of you and pull out your warrior self. Your life should be measured by what you are willing to fight for, to die for. To all of you who are struggling to be typical, or normal, or healthy never stop fighting!