MRI Blunder

Getting an MRI is a popular tool to use before a Meniere’s patient gets surgery. The MRI will rule out any tumors that may be pressing on the middle ear causing symptoms of Meniere’s. I have a difficult time with lie down MRI scanners so I found an open, upright MRI scanner in my area and was still terrified to get the procedure done.

My boyfriend takes me to the appointment and I get my IV port for the contrast that is used for this particular MRI and get in the machine and make strides to get comfortable. My tech strapped me in, turned up the TV mounted on the wall  (major luxury there!), and we began the exam. I have a hard time sitting still, so we had the repeat one set of scans and then the antimetic I had taken an hour prior kicked in and I began to be able to relax in my drowsy haze. We were on the third or fourth set of scans when suddenly, the room, TV, and tech room went dark.

My tech ran to me from her room like it was an episode of ER. She knew I had been nervous for the procedure and probably thought I was having a stage 5 meltdown in the darkness of the MRI scanner. I was laughing hysterically and thought the whole thing was a hoot! The tech felt terrible and it was the first time I felt normal all night after my irrational fear and hysterics over the appointment. They were unable to get the scanner back up and running so I have reschedule and finish my appointment at a later date.

What an experience and a story!